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Representing musical artists as management, booking and creative consultancy for events, near & far.


Behind Ear Conditioning is Dave Watts, who while promoting the likes of Ice-T, Iggy Pop, Primus, Bad Brains, Snoop Dog, G.U.R.U., Herbie Hancock, Luke Vibert, Les Negresses Verte, etc. for Virgin Records, came to be hitting the studios and stages with the band Fun-da-mental.

A DJ set at Clandestino Festival in Gothenborg, Sweden led to Dave becoming Co-curator of the festival for nine years up to 2016. Programming the likes of The Bug, King Midas Sound, Gonjasufi, Adrian Sherwood, Kode9 + The Spaceape (R.I.P), Leila and Gonzo (Discrepant) among others.

He is currently working in the same capacity with Keroxen in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which takes place inside a converted oil refinery tank.

The experiences of countless UK & International tours, promoters, vans, buses, airports, trains stations, venues, sound-checks, major / indie label marketing, strategy & promotion meetings, festivals, Press tours, international Radio / TV shows thousands of people from all aspects of the ‘industry’ has left many an impression.

As a DJ shares music, the same ethos lies behind Ear Conditioning, a vehicle to relay the years of practice to artists, so they can get their groove on for you.Ear