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D. WattsRiot

Hand of D. WattsRiot tweaking equipment levels

His sessions inhale and expel words, sounds and music from all continents and manner of form. In this space, folk music from Iraq can sit alongside the Blues, Asian Raags, Reggae roots, funky Zulu calls and ear-splitting electronica.

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Picture of D. WattsRiot live performance. Smoke comes into scene
Picture of D. WattsRiot in concert and crowd listening
Picture of D. WattsRiot in concert, and crowd dancing
Picture of D. WattsRiot seen from behind in a concert
Picture of D. WattsRiot in a concert ready to start
Picture of D. WattsRiot in a concert, with a gas mask displayed in the background
Hand of D. WattsRiot tweaking equipment levels

Helmed by Dave Watts, known to many as a member of Fun-da-mental and his genre-bending DJ sets under the name D.WattsRiot, KingL Man is a shout out in response to the perpetual state of war.

The intensity and sincerity of Fun-Da-Mental live shows delivered to audiences in post-civil war Beirut; amongst council estates in bullet-scared city of Sarajevo.

Womad, Sfinks, Glastonbury, Sziget, Urkult, Keroxen festivals, to clubs ie. Fabric, Maffia, sets in Museums of World Culture, ICA London, to squat parties, social-political events and manifestations, spoken word festivals, and yes, he has done a couple Indian weddings!

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