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We don't do silence

July 17 Camp Cosmic Festival | Chemnitz, Germany

The folks at EX_IN that brought me down as D.WattsRiot a couple months ago, really dug the set, it was a great night all around, I must say, so they invited me back, many thanks.

KingLMan joins Keroxen label mates Lagoss, alongside Muquata’a for two dates.

Muqata’a Web Lagoss ‘Imaginary Island Music Vol. 1 Canary Islands’  | Discrepant

Apocalipsis Privado

APOCALIPSIS from Big Ösay on Vimeo. Thanks for those that turned up to help turn it out, and the crew (Beatriz, Jeny, Jose Chocolate) for their support. Top tunes from Gaba and my brother man, Kevin Martin aka The Bug. Visual Smitulation by I/O