Ear Conditioning


“Everybody’s got a little light under the sun.” Flashlight / Parliament

Shine on brothers and sisters, your time is hear (sic)

I went for a walk with a self-assembled crystal radio and ended up here.

It’s large isn’t it this world we are in, lots of voices and songs, carrying histories into the future.

We don’t believe in musical ghettos, closed minds can smell the finger.

We represent artists ranging from Syria’s major proponent of dabke, Rizan Said to The Last Poets, who recently celebrated their 50th anniversary.

There is Mutamassikcello, turntables and drums and intellect are channeled to the mixer. Resident DJ’s are Lowdjo and D.WattsRiot, both alchemists behind the wheels.

As a label, we have released music by KingLMan and Socos Duo.

My experience encompasses many depths: UK and International Press, Promotion, A&R / Production, Marketing for the Virgin / EMI, and Label Manager for Hut, Caroline Records and Post-World Industries, Tour Management, and of course my participation in the straight up, no-messing around, group

Fun-da-mental and Nation Records.

I’m here to share what I’ve been blessed to witness through the music. 

Thank you,